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AI Sales Agents to Help You Scale

Build AI agents capable of handling phone calls, zoom calls, handling scheduling, and more. No coding required.

Say goodbye to demo reviews

See how SalesCloser AI can become your new favorite Account Executive.

Personalized Discovery Calls:

Uncover customer painpoints and build rapport through natural AI conversations. Sales Closer leaves detailed notes for future reference.

Screen share Zoom Demos

Walk prospects through a screen share presentation showcasing your product based on their pain points.

Multilingual Sales Conversations

Break down language barriers and open up entire new markets with AI reps speaking your customers' language.

Constant Learning & Optimization

Our AI never stops learning, adapting its approach for better results over time.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with your existing CRM and marketing tools for a streamlined sales pipeline.

AI Demos: See it in Action

From Conversation to Conversion: Experience How SalesCloser AI Transforms Customer Interactions

Lead Discovery

Real Estate


Travel Booking

Travel Agent


Lead Discovery

Cleaning Services

Find an AI Agent For Your Industry

Sales Closer - Software & Saas

Software / SaaS

Imagine never missing a potential lead, even in the dead of night. SalesCloser AI's tireless AI reps showcase your latest features through interactive demos 24/7, across time zones and languages, maximizing engagement and boosting conversion rates.

Sales Closer - Professional Services

Professional Services

Free up your team for high-value projects while AI handles the initial legwork. SalesCloser AI schedules consultations, conducts personalized client interactions, and analyzes customer data to help you refine your service offerings and build stronger relationships.

Sales Closer - Financial Services

Financial Services

Build trust and compliance with AI-powered assistance. SalesCloser AI ensures prompt responses to inquiries, even outside business hours, and guides customers through complex processes using AI trained on financial regulations.

Sales Closer - Education


Reach more students, even across borders. SalesCloser AI answers questions, handles inquiries, and facilitates enrollment 24/7, boosting recruitment rates. Multilingual capabilities allow you to connect with international students and diversify your student body.

Sales Closer - Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Offer 24/7 booking assistance and personalized recommendations, break down language barriers for global travelers, and automate repetitive tasks like reservations and confirmations.

Sales Closer - Insurance


Provide exceptional customer service around the clock. AI reps explain policies, compare options, and conduct initial risk assessments, streamlining the onboarding process and increasing conversion rates. Plus, multilingual support ensures clear communication with diverse clientele.

Sales Closer AI - Chat & Graph 2
Sales Closer AI - Chat & Graph

Reducing Expense & Increasing ROI

Forget maxed-out teams and wasted resources. SalesCloser AI is your non-stop sales machine, working 24/7 to engage leads, close deals, and deliver insights in any language. Ditch hiring costs, automate tasks, and dominate global markets – all with detailed analytics to fuel continuous improvement.

  • Increased Efficiency & ROI
  • Global Expansion Made Easy
  • Data-Driven Optimizations
  • Cost-Crushing Efficiency

Reach us anywhere anytime.