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AI Powered Sales Conversations

Discover a diverse range of use cases and applications for AI powered sales agents. Kick-start building the perfect agent with our pre-built templates.

Sales Demos

Use and AI sales person to show personalized screen share presentations of your product based off prospects pain points.

Discovery Calls

Skip the tedious pre-call prep. AI pre-qualifies leads, reveals hidden needs, and sets you up for focused, effective conversations.

Technical Onboardings

Forget cookie-cutter journeys. AI tailors onboarding to each user, delivers 24/7 support, and gathers feedback to ensure smooth, successful experiences.

Bookings & Data Capture

24/7 self-service booking and seamless data capture empower customers and give you the insights to optimize your sales funnel and close more deals.

Product Upsells

Use AI agents to prompt users to upgrade to higher tier plans or packages based off of their product usage. Increasing LTV has never been easier.

Sales Follow Ups

Leverage the power of AI to ensure leads are followed up on in a timely manner. Never worry about losing opportunities in the pipeline due to inactivity again.


Sales Closer can be easily integrated into your product allowing you to give best practices to users 24/7 so they can have the best chance of success.


Forget about routine support calls eating up time on your team's calendars. Let a Sales Closer agent handle technical set up calls so your team can save time.
Endless Application

An AI solution built for sales.

One AI, endless possibilities and use cases. Captivating tech demos, tailoring pitches, qualifying leads – all 24/7.


Free up your team with AI demos, lead qualifying, and data capture.


AI tailors demos and follow-ups for each prospect, no matter the industry.


Equip your AI with powerful training materials. Upskill seamlessly and boost confidence.


Get real-time insights and optimize your sales funnel based on concrete evidence.

Consistent Results

What Jobs & Use Cases Can Sales Closer Replace

Sales Development Rep

Conduct routine product demos and answer basic questions. Qualify leads and schedule follow-up meetings. Generate standardized reports on demo performance.

Account Executive

Scale effortlessly with AI demos 24/7, freeing humans for VIP clients. Boost win rates using data-driven insights and next steps for smarter sales journeys. 

In-House Product Trainers

Deliver consistent, scalable product overviews and training sessions. Personalize instruction based on audience segments and needs. Track trainee progress and provide targeted feedback.

Customer Support Agent

Handle routine support inquiries and troubleshoot basic technical issues. Follow pre-defined knowledge base scripts and escalate complex cases. Document interactions and gather data for product improvement.

Onboarding Specialist

Guide new customers through initial product setup and configuration. Answer common questions and troubleshoot basic issues. Collect feedback and suggest optimization opportunities.

Customer Success Manager

Deliver consistent product knowledge and best practices via personalized AI demos. Offer instant troubleshooting and FAQs through conversational AI assistants, reducing CSM workload. Analyze demo interactions to identify potential issues and recommend solutions.


See How Sales Closer Can Put Your Sales Process on Autopilot